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What is a voip headset

What is a VoIP headset?

What is a VoIP headset? An audio accessory compatible with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will leave you hands-free and help declutter your desk, whether you are

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Explanation of voip features

Your business IP phone system will offer a number of call recording options as standard.  All call recordings can be immediately backed up to cloud storage.

Enable call forwarding with VoIP to allow your business to redirect calls to the right person first time.  Call forwarding ensures that all calls are answered and directed to the correct person.  Allowing your team to forward incoming calls to their desk phone, mobile phone or PC / Laptop guarantees customers can reach them regardless of their location.

Any voicemail message left for your office or employees on their DDI (direct dial inward) can be sent via email or text message to a mobile device.  This feature allows your employees to listen to messages anywhere whenever is convenient.

Moving your existing landline (ISDN / PSTN) telephone installation to a VoIP solution doesn’t mean your business has to get new number, you can keep your number AND benefit from all the additional features VoIP telephony offers, it’s increased flexibility and of course, your lower costs.

If you have customers who still use fax to send orders you can now enable the Fax to Email service allowing you to send and receive faxes over your network.

Making international calls via a VoIP solution are extremely cost effective.  In fact, if your business has international offices you can call them for FREE.  It’s possible to add to your VoIP solution an additional feature that would enable international calls from as little as 3p/min.

In the unlikely event of internet outage to your business your telephone services can be re-routed to alternate locations, a mobile device or even to a temporary messaging service.

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