What is a voip headset

What is a VoIP headset?

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What is a VoIP headset?

An audio accessory compatible with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will leave you hands-free and help declutter your desk, whether you are working from home or the office.

A VoIP headset is built-in with a microphone to revolutionise comfort, boost your efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. But with so many options available, choosing the perfect set isn’t always an easy task.

This quick guide covers types, features and benefits of VoIP headsets and helps you navigate the common pitfalls before you even get started.

What do I need to know about the various types of VoIP headset?

Just like any standard headsets (or headphones for that matter) there are plenty of options to choose from.

You can opt in for:

  • A one-piece or two-piece
  • Over the head or on the ear
  • Convertible

It’s all a matter of personal preference. The same rule applies to their size and padding.
There are certain specifications, however, that can help you filter out your options before deciding on more sophisticated features, such as the ones below:


To start off, the most important question is: what device and softphone do you need your VoIP headset to connect to?

Many manufacturers work only with specific devices and operating systems. That’s why checking the compatibility with your existing software and hardware is a must, otherwise you really are throwing your money away. You can find this information in the product listing.


If you require this extra mobility when talking to your clients, it will be good to consider your ideal range before making any further purchasing decisions.

Wireless headsets offer the option to step away from the device without losing connection. Whether it’s to move around during a presentation or just to stretch your legs, the range must be considered to avoid awkward interruptions.

Typically, Bluetooth headsets offer a 10 meter range, but it is possible to find options that allow a 30 meter radius too. If you require a greater range, it’s best to opt in for other wireless solutions that give you the freedom to step away as much as 120 meters away from the hardware you’re using.


There are a variety of options available, with the cheapest VoIP headset costing less than £10 from Amazon.

Price, however, usually reflects quality. Even if you aren’t a picky buyer looking for an extensive list of add-ons, you should still consider your options. By increasing your VoIP headset budget a little you will have access to more durable solutions that improve the call quality instead of damaging it.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean opting for a £400 headset. There are many solutions that provide value-for-money and are equally friendly to the ear, as well as the pocket.

What is a voip headset

What are the other benefits of a quality VoIP headset?

Knowing a little more about making your initial choice is just the start.  When purchasing a suitable headset for you or your staff you should also consider these following important options:

Features and benefits of your VoIP headset.

  • Improved call quality
  • Stay on the line
  • Comfort
  • Multitasking
  • Privacy

Types of VoIP headset

  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • USB
  • Bluetooth

In conclusion.

A VoIP headset is an ideal purchase for anyone who conducts the majority of their business on the phone. It improves the quality of the call while keeping in mind user’s comfort and efficiency driving customer satisfaction through the roof.

However, before choosing a headset, it is important that your operating system and hardware, as well as personal habits and preferences. From the way your headset looks, to how it connects and how much you would be willing to spend on it depends utterly on your own needs.

There is no one-fits-all solution, but luckily with the diverse range of options and reliable manufacturers everyone can find their perfect fit.