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5 Reasons your Small Business needs VoIP

We explore the advantages a VoIP solution offers small businesses.
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Why small business VoIP?

What’s so great about VoIP? What about VoIP isn’t great?

Advantages, when compared to a traditional landline service, include lower hardware costs and additional extras like hold music, call screening and auto attendant to name but a few.

These positives are just the tip of the iceberg, though. When it comes to the copious additional perks offered by VOIP providers, it’s safe to say there’s a little something for everyone. While features vary by provider, you can count on the following highly efficient perks:

You just shouldn’t have to pay for domestic calls anymore. Those so called ‘cheap calls’ per minute add up, especially when multiplied by several employees or if you’re the type of company that is predominantly on the phone speaking to customers or suppliers.

Many small business VoIP providers offer additionally reduced rates or even free calling to international business hotspots and even entire countries like Canada and Germany enabling your small business to reach global customers easily.

With VoIP you can forward your desk phone calls to your mobile phone, or any other phone, easily via an online portal.  Current VoIP system feature an optional browser extension that allows users to dial from their browsers by simply clicking on phone numbers or via a softphone app.

The VoIP online portal comes into play yet again by allowing users to play, delete, forward and even email their voicemails. Some services even transcribe voicemails and email or text them to users.

Not only is VoIP flexible enough to allow multi-user calls but it can offer the functionality to share attachments and sync calendars during audio and video conference calls in realtime.

Are there any small business VoIP disadvantages?

Not any longer, no.  While some VoIP users experienced occasional less-than-perfect call quality previously this issue is a thing of the past thanks to the advancement of technology.

It’s certainly not something your business will experience with a state-of-the-art business VoIP solution by any of the providers we offer using technology from the biggest vendors like Cisco and Poly.

I think my small business is ready, now what?

We’re glad to hear that our 5 reasons have been informative for you and helped in your decision.  

The very next step would be to complete our quick and simple comparison form today and see what solutions we can provide for you based on your specific criteria and requirements.